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Cardiovascular Drugs Market 2025: Production, Revenue, Price, Growth Rate, Type and Applicability in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

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The incidence of cardiovascular diseases has increased significantly across the globe, in 2016 nearly 17.9 million died from cardiovascular diseases based on the estimates given by the World Health Organization. Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, or already established disease are considered risk factors resulting in to cardiovascular diseases or increasing the chances of suffering from it. People facing these disorders require early detection, and they need to manage through counselling and medicines as per their condition. Attributing to all these factors, the demand for cardiovascular drugs is skyrocketed and the global market for cardiovascular drugs is witnessing high growth.

Regional concentration of cardiovascular diseases is high in North America. According to American Heart Association states, that between 2013 and 2016 nearly 121.5 million adults in America had some form of cardiovascular disease. Smoking, healthy diet, physical activity, body weight, blood pressure, control of cholesterol, and blood sugar are the major factor on which cardiovascular diseases are analyzed. Smoking is one of the major cause leading to cardiovascular diseases and it is the leading preventable cause as well. Smoking is ranked fourth in instigating disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) as of 2016, and it took approximately 7.2 million lives in 2015. Thus with increasing number of smokers, chances of cardiovascular diseases is higher, which in turn increase the demand for cardiovascular drugs.

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Hypertension is another significant factor contributing in high consumption of cardiovascular drugs. The demand for hypertension specific drugs such as Letairis, Tracleer, and other has increased massively as compared to diuretics, conventional beta blockers, and calcium channel blockers. Rise in these specific drugs are also projected to further fuel the demand in the cardiovascular drugs market. Apart from these two various other factors are also augmenting the demand for cardiovascular diseases, and in the forthcoming years, this market is likely to witness high growth.

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