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Neurotherapeutic Drugs Market: Current Trends & Opportunities by 2024

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Neurological disorders change in the performance of nervous system. Etiology of neurological disorder comprises biochemical or structural change in the activity of spinal cord, brain, and other nerves. Neurological disorders are mainly of three types, namely central nervous system (CNS) disorders, peripheral nervous system disorders (PNS) disorder, and autonomous nervous system (ANS) disorder. Efferent fibers and visceral fibers are located in autonomic nervous system, which controls CNS and PNS.

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Disorders that are detected in the above-mentioned fiber are known as autonomous nervous system disorder. Progressive decline in physical and mental capabilities that hamper patient’s life are the characteristics of neurologic disorders. Such change in brain’s activity could have resulted owing to genetic disorders, changing lifestyle , congenital health problems, brain injury, and other traumas. Patients suffering from any of these neurological disorders experience different symptoms such as pain, paralysis, muscle weakness, and poor condition. Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s, neurological cancers, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy are types of neurological diseases.

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Increased Investment in R&D will Bolster Demand for Neurotherapeutic Drugs

Increased funding in research and development, expanding base of geriatric population across the globe, and a better understanding of neurologic diseases are fuelling the growth of global neurotherapeutic drugs market. Elderly people are prone to brain disorders, which makes the expanding geriatric population a crucial factor driving the demand neurotherapeutic drugs globally.

The drugs for neurological cancers, peripheral nerve disorders, and Alzheimer’s occupy lion’s share of the global neurotherapeutic drugs market. Other neurological conditions such as Huntington’s disease, dementia, stroke, epilepsy, migraine also occupy sizeable chunk of the global neurotherapeutic drugs market.

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