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HIV Market: Analysis and Research Report by Experts 2020

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HIV is one of the deadliest diseases with no cure; the disease is prevalent in underdeveloped countries. Earlier, managing HIV patients were difficult; however with the advent better technology and fast paced growth in the medical sector, there have been improvement in managing a patient infected with Human immune deficiency virus. Rising research and development in the field is expected to boost the global HIV market in the next few years.

Steps towards HIV Eradication to Bolster Market

According to the latest research and survey, Australia is paving the way to eradicate HIV. The country is at the last stretch of winning the battle of eradicating the disease completely, the researchers says the battle is not won yet. The number of HIV infected patients has dropped in the last few years. The country has adopted a new drug regimen to fight against this disease.

  • The new drug is known as PR.EP, the doctors advise to take this drug on a daily basis. This drug is effective even without using condoms and prevents from contracting the disease during the sexual intercourse.
  • The country is targeting to get rid of the disease completely by the end of 2030 provided the country does not give up during the last stage.
  • Therefore, the countries may also follow the footstep of Australia and include the daily regimen drug, owing to the growth of the global HIV market for the good medical fraternity and the society at large.

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Funding by National Institutes of Health to Fuel HIV Market

Recently, NIH (National Institutes of Health) announced to fund testing and development of novel HIV vaccines. The research will be conducted by Consortium for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development team, an international collaboration.

The federal government has granted $129 million to the new research team called Scripps Research. This relentless steps from the government and international health bodies are expected to fuel the grand growth opportunities to the global HIV market.

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