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Medical Robotic Systems Market to Reach an Opportunity of US$ 25,738.8 Mn by the End of 2025

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Medical robotic system market is gaining momentum in the recent times. This is mainly due to increasing technological advances and research in the health sector. The rising number of minimally invasive surgeries is expected to drive the global medical robotic systems market.

New Launches to Promote Global Medical Robotic System Market

The medical robot recently made a debut at Lucknow, India, at Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Medical Sciences. The medical robot will provide high quality precision and lessen the mortality rate, pushing the global medical robotic systems market to expand further.

The medical robotic systems will provide following facilities to the medical fraternity.

  • It offers high grade precision during the cuts in surgical procedures. The invasiveness of cut can be minimized and possible human errors can also be avoided with the help of medical robots.
  • During cardiac surgeries, the surgeons need not cut through the ribcage. In traditional cardiac surgery method, the ribcage is put to realign using steel wires. This extends the recovery time to several months. However, with the help of robotic system the patient can recover faster, usually in 4 to 6 weeks period.

All these factors will help in robust expansion of the global medical robotic systems market.

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Advent of Autonomous Robots to Strengthen Global Medical Robotic Systems Market

The Science Robotics reported that the autonomous robot was demonstrated for the first time in Boston. The robot could navigate inside the body without the help or instructions from the surgeon. Robotic catheter was used in an animal model to find its own way out along the way of leaky heart valve.

Here, the robotic catheter finds its way inside the body with the help of touch sensors. The touch sensors use the image processing and artificial intelligence to let the catheter find its way.

Such a one of its kind of innovation in medical robots is expected to amplify the global medical robotic system market another new level in the next few years.

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