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Pain Relievers Market: Growth Opportunities & Technology Developments by 2027

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Comprehension of pain management and its etiology have made considerable advancement over the last few decades. Different types of pain have been affecting the quality of life adversely across the globe. It has resulted in massive loss of productivity in developed nations. There has been relentless research on relievers for degenerative pain and chronic pain. Extensive research works have been carried out to comprehend the multi-dimensional aspects of pain, such as psychological, social, and biological factors.

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Expanding Base of Patients Demanding pain Relievers Triggers Growth

An upsurge in the research on pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to the treatment of pain has opened up promising vistas for the global pain relievers market. Rising requirement for medications related to pain relief medicines for the management of chronic and perioperative pain in across various populations is propelling the growth for global pain relievers market. Expanding base of patients who need pain relievers for spine and joint-related inflammatory pain is boosting the global pain relievers market.

Researchers have made incessant efforts to understand the mechanism through which anti-inflammatory drugs alleviate pain. In different corners of the world, the widespread prevalence of prescription opioid has reached the proportion of epidemic thereby intensifying the demand for more effective medications. This trend justifies the rising potential of the global pain relievers market. Several universities in many developed nations are researching on developing pain relievers that can replace these highly popular opioids. The rising spending by public healthcare institutes propels advancement in such research and development activities.

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The global pain relievers market has experienced substantial potential in the increased usage of over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of headache and period pain, particularly across developing countries.

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